Seasonal Influencer Marketing Ideas
Holiday Tips For Your Seasonal Influencer Marketing Campaigns!

Seasonal Influencer Marketing Ideas

The holidays are the perfect window for intentional influencer marketing campaigns. People are stretching free time, wallets, and waistbands between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but with the holiday shopping season expanding, you will want to make moves now and launch your seasonal influencer marketing campaigns sooner rather than later.

Gratitude & Shout-Outs

Vlog reviews are great ways to build traction during the holidays. Most people are hard-pressed for time between planning parties, wrapping up work for the year, and trying to find the perfect gifts for loved ones and business acquaintances. An influencer campaign built around products and merch you’re most thankful for could be the go-to time saver your audience is looking for – especially in a fun, easily digestible video format that’s easy to watch. What’s nice about this idea is it can lead up to Thanksgiving and, if effective, easily pivot to Christmas, New Years, or even just a regular practice of weekly gratitude.

Let’s Make a Deal

While the holiday season is expanding, inflation means that wallets are tightening. Incorporating challenges, giveaways, and deals in a seasonal series of influencer marketing posts is a great way to boost engagement. 89% of millennial shoppers were more likely to try/buy a new product with a digital coupon or promo code – the key is finding that sweet spot for the discount. Too little and it won’t feel worth it, too much and the margins may not make sense. Also, with deals and offers, sure, you can use Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but try offering the discount a few days after – this is a great option to market to those who “missed out” on the big deals from earlier in the season.

Advent Ideas

With Christmas just around the corner, people across the world will also be celebrating advent (for various reasons). Major retail chains are already incorporating their own reimagined advent calendars, replacing the traditional sweet treat with everything from books to cosmetics and even wine and hard liquor. This is a simple and effective way to incorporate a bit of holiday spirit into an influencer campaign. Be intentional with this campaign and gear some of your advent reveals toward other holidays like New Years or Valentine’s Day. The time to get that perfect Christmas gift might have passed, but now could still be the perfect time to prepare that next holiday surprise.


Seasonal marketing is the perfect time to mix, match, and cross-market different products: beauty supplies with venues, clothing & apparel with tech, or any other combination of gift giving and memory making. Remember, everyone will be trying to think of gifts for multiple people and multiple gifts for one single person. Finding brands that are willing to share space with one another is a value-add to followers, and a great opportunity to tap into brand loyalist markets.

Tried and True Is Great, but What About Other Holidays?

Obviously, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Years are the big three holidays of the season (in terms of participation and cultural norms) but there are celebrations going on throughout the year that can present great opportunities to engage. Don’t simply go for a traditional approach either when holidays like Valentine’s Day could be a great opportunity to highlight how single people can treat themselves. St. Patrick’s Day might be a party day for many, so you can connect with your audience by having them submit pictures of themselves out and about for a product giveaway – think about awarding the most authentic Irish garb, best looking pub meal, or the most fun-looking venue.

There are plenty of opportunities to creatively engage your audience through seasonal marketing. This is a great way to boost good moods, good cheer, and have fun promoting some of your favorite products and services.

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