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The strategy for the brand’s holiday gifting campaign was simple – create a unique, personalized gifting experience to show gratitude and appreciation for the brand’s top performing celebrity and macro influencers. In order to stand out amongst the other major brands sending PR kits for influencers and other forms of influencer gifting campaigns, our approach was to make the gift completely customized; tailored to celebrate the individual influencer beyond the partnership with the brand.

Ultimately we chose to create custom books that acted as a “Year in Review” to commemorate a great year of partnerships, experiences, and trips that went beyond the brand’s engagement with the influencer. The response was tremendous, resulting in 4 out of 5 celebrity creators sharing their gifts on their IG Stories as a “thank you” to the brand. Potential audience reach from influencers who posted was 7.8M+.

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Influencer Marketing Strategy
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PR Kits and Gifting
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