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The size and recognition of the brand informed our approach for building out the Jimbo & Jules creator network. As newer brand a unique and valuable product offering (indicated by high customer retention rates), the aim was to help Jimbo & Jules leverage creators to build brand awareness and create reusable content while learning more about which audiences are most qualified and working up to generating sales through commission payments.

Influencers and creators continue to act as more top-of-funnel marketing for Jimbo & Jules, and moving forward our strategy is to scale outreach and build strong, lasting relationships with high-performing creators. We have since developed the strategy and are moving into exclusively gifting with the intent to massively scale the program and recruit passionate, talented creators with qualified, engaged audiences.

Updates on the project to follow.

Services Provided

Influencer Marketing Strategy
Influencer Marketing Management
PR Kits and Gifting
Campaign Strategy
Influencer Relationship Management